Internet Edge blogging or rambling?

Blogging - all the rage!

Ok, everyone knows that blogging is one of the most interesting things on the internet. Well almost, a lot of blogs are really useful, covering everything from IT issues to my favourite cake to current celebrity news and things in between

Its probably one of the easiest ways of getting your thoughts out for the wider audience, its also great for announcing information about your company and one other thing is that Google loves them!

Your organisation may have spent thousands on an amazing site, but if you do not keep updating it regularly it becomes like one of those glossy magazines on the table at the dentists. Therefore regularly changing and updating content means search engines will come to your site more often to check for new things that have been added. That is where blogging is a massive plus.

So the Internet Edge blog is one such example of this. As the tag line says its the "Musings on money, business, technology and life".

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